Motorcycle Products

M/C Oil

M/C Oil

Lucas High Performance Motorcycle Oils

Lucas High Performance Motorcycle Oils are the result of technology gained through years of blending motor oils and gear oils for the racing industry.

These are TRUE racing oils that FAR exceed all manufacturer specifications and can outlast other oils up to 4 times on the track or on the street.


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M/C Fork Oil

M/C Fork Oil

Synthetic Fork Oil

This high performance synthetic Fork Oil provides more responsive handling and is compatible in all systems, including damping rods, cartridge, bladder, conventional and inverted forks.

Viscosity -

LIGHT 5 WT - (#10771)
MEDIUM 10 WT - (#10772)
HEAVY 15 WT - (#10773)
EXTRA HEAVY 20 WT - (#10779)
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M/C Primary/Trans

M/C Primary/Trans

Lucas HD Primary Chaincase Oil

Lucas HD Primary Chaincase Oil is a blend of easy flowing base oils and a Lucas additive package designed to carry away more heat from the clutch plates and friction plates. This assures a longer more trouble clutch life.

Expect a smooth clutch action, less slippage, longer chain and sprocket life and a much longer oil life.

Transmission Oil Synthetic

Lucas SAE 80W/85W Transmission Oil is formulated with an exclusive additive system that surpasses or equals OEM grade oils and is used by pro AMA teams and riders.

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